Art Walk Discovery | At Paramount School Of Excellence we have an Art Walk composed of 28 pieces of art in the Middle School Wing.

Art Walk At Paramount

Art Walk at Paramount School Of Excellence

Welcome to Paramount School Of Excellence’s Art Walk, located in the Middle School Wing of our K-8 Charter School, located at 3020 Nowland Ave, Indianapolis IN.

Central to the mission of inspiring learning through an unparalleled academic approach, the ART WALK at Paramount School leverages the environment to inspire the senses. This unique and innovative tour provides a look at 28 unique, and thoughtful replicas from many of the world’s most important artists.

The collection is composed of a an expansive and diverse group of art works – each piece is hung with a QR code with information about the piece that can be accessed through a QR code reader on your smart phone. Walking through the building, taking in the art and scanning the codes allows a deeper insight, and invites an exploration of both the art and our school!